Fiesta Banquet

The Fiesta Banquet took place on November 4th and we are pleased to share highlights and photos from the evening. 

A fiesta is defined as an event marked by festivities or celebration, thus the annual Migrant Workers Ministry fundraising banquet was so dubbed. Thank you again to Ladner Baptist Church for welcoming this large crowd into your building; for the first time it was necessary to move into the gymnasium in order to accommodate everyone! 

The festive atmosphere was enhanced by the live band who called themselves Ambassadors of Christ, a band that was formed just a month ago. All the band members are from Guatemala and most of them have been working as migrant workers in Canada for the last two seasons. Their Cumbia style of Latin American music certainly had everyone clapping. 

Migrant workers sacrifice a lot to come to make a better future for their families. They don’t just leave their families behind, but they often miss out on crucial family moments such was the case of Cesar Corona whose powerful testimony moved many to tears. Cesar is from Guatemala and has come to Canada to work for the past six seasons. His wife and two children live in their home country. Their youngest son, just four months old will not actually meet his Dad until his first birthday. While Cesar is very saddened by this, he takes comfort in his deep faith in Jesus. He thanks God for the opportunity to come to a country like Canada. He is also grateful for all the help and support he receives through the Migrant Workers Ministry and especially for Pastor Carlos Carrion. 

Pastor Carlos and his team of volunteers thank God for continually blessing this ministry and are ecstatic that over $20,000 was raised at the Fiesta Banquet!  If you would like to know more about the Migrant Workers ministry, please visit browse through our website.