David Cheng

My name is David Cheng and I have been volunteering with the Migrant Workers Ministry almost since the beginning in 2009.  Over the years in my capacity as a volunteer and then a board member, I have witnessed the hundreds of men that have been served by the ministry during that time and how they have been blessed. While the ministry has evolved over the years, the constant is the love and care the people involved with this ministry have shown the workers working in our midst.  Many have responded to Pastor Carlos’ message of Christ's love and salvation and have come to accept Christ as their personal savior.  Many in turn have taken the gospel message back to their homes and families.  It never ceases to amaze me how God uses our efforts and multiplies them enormously for His kingdom.   I would encourage those interested in volunteering to come and see for yourself what God is doing.


Bill Dodd

I have been involved in this ministry since 2009. I drive workers to events, help the workers as needed, and teach ESL. I am also a member of the Migrant Workers Ministry Committee. It has been a joy and a privilege.

Apart from being able to serve God in this manner, one of the most gratifying things has been establishing meaningful relationships with some of the men. I am still in contact with several workers who have returned to Guatemala and Mexico and I value their friendship.


Gloria Groom

I help with driving the migrant workers to and from events. I also help out with food preparation and serving from time to time. I have enjoyed being a part of this ministry and seeing God at work in the lives of the migrant workers.

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Boris Lum

The Migrant Workers Ministry is so impactful because the Gospel is spoken and presented. We, who live in Delta, BC have been given a gift to be purposely living here so that we can participate in the Migrant Ministry, as the mission field has moved to our literal doorsteps.  There are so many men and women who have come from Mexico and Guatemala to work here, and are in need of friendship, being valued, and are open to listen to the Gospel message.

I am grateful to serve as a driver to bring these people to ministry events and help out with whatever needs to be done to assist Pastor Carlos and his ministry team.


Sandra Martin

Since 2009, my husband and I have had the privilege of serving in yearly short-term medical missions trips in rural Guatemala. My desire to interact in a more meaningful way with the Guatemalans motivated me to learn at least basic Spanish. 

God has also provided me with the opportunity since 2013 to be involved in teaching English within my own community via the Migrant Workers Ministry. Through the ESL program I have witnessed and experienced an exchange of language and culture, meaningful connections between the workers with each other and with teachers, and an open door to spiritual conversations.


Maggie Rayner

I began teaching English to Mexican and Guatemalan migrant workers in 2009 after Pastor Carlos spoke about the ministry at our church. I also help with driving workers to events and I am a member of the Migrant Workers Ministry committee. It has been a privilege to serve God alongside Pastor Carlos and his family and the other team members. I have been blessed to witness the Holy Spirit at work in and through the lives of both volunteers and migrant workers.


Tim Redekop

I have been volunteering with the Migrant Workers Ministry since 2009. I teach level two of the English program, and I also help to drive workers to and from the events.