carlos carrion

Pastor Carlos Carrion gave his life to Christ in Mexico City. He and his family heard the Gospel message preached by a visiting missionary, and his life was transformed. A few years later, Carlos moved to Canada where he met and married his wife, Veronica.

Carlos was serving as a pastor in a Spanish-speaking congregation when he was given the opportunity to minister to Mexican and Guatemalan farm workers full-time. He had already been visiting some migrant workers in the Lower Mainland, and he had felt the call of God on his heart for these men. Meanwhile, God had placed a vision in the hearts of other Fellowship Pacific members who recognized the need and opportunity for this unique ministry and had been praying for a pastor.

Carlos serves the migrant workers with great love and authenticity. He makes himself available to help and serve the men in a multitude of ways. Above all, he is always ready to pray for them and speak with them about Christ.

Since 2009, Carlos and his team have worked to plant the seed of the gospel message in the hearts of temporary farm workers. The vision that God inspired, that workers would become disciples of Christ, and begin to share the message of the gospel with their family, friends and communities in their homeland, is becoming a reality. Some of the workers even broadcast Carlos’ sermons live to their families back home over their cell phones.

By the grace of God, this ministry has grown significantly since its inception. It is the hope and prayer of Pastor Carlos, his family, and his team of volunteers that this work will continue, that more and more migrant workers will be reached with the gospel message, and that many more lives will be transformed in Christ. All glory to God.