There are about 6,000 temporary farm workers in BC at the height of the season.  They work in practically every agricultural and livestock sector, from blueberry fields to dairy farms.  The majority of migrant workers employed by greenhouses now work year-round, signing a two-year contract with a two-week vacation.  Many are married with children.  Often they are supporting elderly relatives  or paying for specialized medical treatment for a family member.  Virtually all of them will tell you that they come here  to improve the lives of their families back home.  The reality of their situation is that times are desperate in their home countries, and they recognize that  this may be the  only opportunity they will ever have  to  raise their families out of poverty.  But to do so, they must leave the ones they love. 

Migrant workers face  other challenges in Canada.  They are isolated by language and cultural differences.  Some workers live in remote locations far from communities, including grocery stores and churches.  Other challenges that workers may face are resolving differences with their employers or co-workers, housing issues, discrimination at or outside of their workplace,  completing their tax forms, and learning to manage their money. 

From time to time, workers must also cope with extraordinary events, such as an illness, accident, or death in the family, or being away from home when a baby is born.  Pastor Carlos provides ministry and pastoral care to workers in many different locations, from greenhouse complexes to rural farms with only two or three migrant workers.  The good news is that God is at work in the midst of this.   It is no longer necessary to travel to  foreign lands to preach the gospel.  The world is coming to Canada and  the Holy Spirit is drawing men to Christ.  Please pray for the migrant workers, and for Pastor Carlos and his team as  they serve these men and their families. 

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